"Your enjoyment has been our focus from the very beginning.  The numerous technologies, precision craftsmanship, and design performances were all aimed to satisfy you.  Staying true to this inspiration has acclaimed Buckle Puffer as the most impressive belt buckle pipe on the planet!  Enjoy the fashion, appreciate the technology, and never be without a pipe again!"

    Customer Review:  Diane P., from St. Louis, MO

    Hello, I just wanted to thank you for an AMAZING product. I bought this as a gift and knocked it out of the park!!  I can't thank you enough!
    Not only is it a TOTALLY unique gift, it's made in the USA and the quality is so impressive! Every detail, everything about it is solid and you can tell it was hand crafted with care.  You just never see that any more.  I keep checking your site to see if you add anything. If you do, I will buy it!
    Again, thank you for my home run gift!

    Featured in New York Magazine, as an Ultimate Gadget: